Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Spoken Tutorial IIT Bombay is a Govt. of India, MHRD, NMEICT- ( initiative offering audio-video (Spoken), training tutorials on various software to our students all over India completely Free of Cost.
  • The tutorials can be considered an e-resource or e-guide to help students learn and master a variety of software on their own without needing the help of expert teachers.
  • The method is distance learning and offline learning is possible, without needing Internet.
  • The software include skill oriented and curriculum oriented courses.
  • All these come with certificates from IIT Bombay, Spoken Tutorial.
  • These will not only increase the skill set and knowledge of our students, they will also help them improve their exam performance and get jobs.
  • Sample Software tutorials are Linux, C, C++, Java, Blender (animation), Scilab, LibreOffice suite (Substitute for MS Office), PHPMySQL, GChempaint and so many more. 
  • All these are Open Source Software.  (see E-Brochure ).
The Faculty Organiser (FO) will... Go to >> Click on Software Training Tab >> Training Dashboard and access >> the Semester Training Planner Form(STPF), all the steps will follow. (See the complete Training Flow).
  • Faculty to Select the participants List (mark the attendance) from Master Batch who will take / took part in a particular FOSS course and complete Participant List. Click here for  Select Participant List
Students will be enrolled via Faculty member only. Once, their details will be uploaded as Master Batch in the Spoken Tutorial website each student will get an User id and password in their email id which have been uploaded in Master batch. If any students did not get the user id, he/she can do the manual registration - Note- Students userid is important so that they can give the Test in future to receive the certificates. To conduct the Training it is necessary that Faculty upload the Master Batch and enrol the students.

Faculty Members

Prof. Durgesh Pant
School of Computer Science & IT

Dr. Jeetandra Pande
Assistant Professor

Balam Singh Dafouti
Academic Associate

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Indeed, technology happens to be the biggest enabler in this webified world. The fusion of technologies provides solutions to address the issues of asymmetry, disparities, inequalities that exist in the world today.
The school is precisely working to address this asymmetry by reaching out to people with its academic programmes. The school functions on the premise of bridging the gap between digital haves and have-nots through its delivery of qualitative, cost-effective tech-education. The school works to ensure a level playing field to one and all through what we at the school call as ‘INCLUSIVE COMPUTING’. We know for certain that the time-ahead demands ‘inclusive computing’ and we are also empowering women, disadvantaged groups of people in the far flung hilly areas of this state.